who needs oil ride the bus fail


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  • You conservatives are retarded on Feb-25-2012 14:47:35 You conservatives are retarded said

    Depending on where you live this is accurate. About half of King County Metro in Washington State runs off of Biodeisel, which is not derived from crude oil. There are also a good chunk of buses that have electric rails. There are also Hydrogen powered buses in London.

    In about 10 years, there will likely be no fail in this picture.
  • Mr Peacock on Jan-17-2013 11:33:33 Mr Peacock said

    In 10 years? Likely? The sign is speaking in the present tense, not some future possibility. Saying what you said (or any other defense of this sign) takes an amount of stupid equal to or greater than the sign itself.

    Let me rephrase what you said: "Yeah there's plenty of fail in the sign now, but we've got our fingers crossed that one day there won't be. So I guess that validates the sign and the person's stupidity, right?"
  • Mr Peacock on Jan-17-2013 11:36:53 Mr Peacock said

    And btw, it takes oil to generate electricity as well as keeping engine parts lubricated, moron.
  • Stinky on May-16-2014 21:14:51 Stinky said

    Haha had to comment just for the utter ownage above. "You conservatives are retarded" haha you're a fucking moron.


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